Private Banking & WM

As market leading wealth management recruiting brand, the team is fully aware of financial institutions' growing demands for fundraising efforts and further business expansion in wealth management market here in China - it remains hot for the talent with rich client resources and experiences in a range of product offering has became a great asset, which could bring onboard great AUM. We have a team of consultant who are from background as Client Advisor, Private Banker, working with regional and global top tier banking firm, and China top leading WM house to specifically support on leadership search appointments and project hiring for those organization which are aggressively expanding. In terms of our candidate database which comes from structured mapping over the years, covering most active WM markets in China in both tier1 or tier2/tier3 cities, and our track record covers both China placements and regional/global roles.


  • Corporate/Commercial Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Securities/Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital
  • Wealth Management/Private Banking


  • Relationship Manager/Investment Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Risk Management

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